some things that bother me on OKCupid

– the 40-year-old man who’s looking for a woman who’s “sweet and fun,” a “girl next door,” has a nice figure and preferably has never been married. BTW, the staff robot totally called it: I am a 0% match and 100% enemy with this person.

– men who are looking for women one year below them and younger.

– This isn’t something that I’m really bitter about, but I’m tired and even wary of men who say they are are Smart, Intelligent, Sensitive, Caring (these words are capitalized, usually)…. Show, not tell, people. I tend to think that someone who states baldly that he is intelligent, etc, etc, most likely isn’t.

3 Responses to “some things that bother me on OKCupid”

  1. Mark D. Adams Says:

    I hate/love it when girls answer “No” to the question asking whether stupid people should be allowed to breed, and then they proceed to answer most of the IQ questions incorrectly. :)

  2. Thomas Says:


    okay, this prompted me to finally go in and update my OkCupid profile a bit, silly little things like moving across country… still think finding full-time job and my own place are higher priority / practically a prereq for girlfriend.

    seems I could either change “working on PhD program” to “dropped out of PhD program”, “dropped out of Space Camp” or “graduated from masters porogram”… all would be about equally accurate.

  3. Says:

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