Roommate Search in DC

Sifting through ads for Christian roommates, a lot of people want someone who’s fun-loving/light-hearted/optimistic, and a non-smoker. Thoughts:

1. It’s going to be hard to find a roommate.

2. There are things I’ll miss about academia.

4 Responses to “Roommate Search in DC”

  1. Thomas Says:

    all my D.C. area Christian cousins are getting married, and thus moving across town (or across the Atlantic) to co-habitat with spouses… so they are no good for roommates, but I could ask them if they know anybody who’s looking

  2. ichsteh Says:

    Thomas, that would be great?
    I didn’t think anyone read this any more — nice to see your comment!

  3. Thomas Says:

    must have subscribed, I get e-mail whenever you post

  4. nowosci ze swiata Says:

    “Cherished could properly be essentially the most necessary gatherings which you saw. You might without doubt should carry out it as being pleasant as it is possible to. Inside the garment to get a plants for one’s wines to your advantage people’s toast, all kinds of items wants to be in the proper sequence.”

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